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Alessi Rose

Weaving between pop subgenres Alessi Rose is developing a sound and style all her own. Mixing the dreams and delusions of youth with the realities of coming-of-age, the 20-year-old artist’s innate understanding of the intersection between vivid fantasy and disarming honesty is part of what makes her ascension inevitable.

Hot on the heels of her first three tracks comes new song ‘break me’, premiered on BBC Radio 1. A cathartic, delicately push-and-pull thrasher that “is about someone who you know doesn’t actually like you that much, but just wants you/someone there, and even though you are fully aware of that, sometimes you consider going along with it,” Alessi shares. “It’s like very aware self-sabotage that you think could be fun and spontaneous but you know also has the capacity to break you.”

With three releases under her belt and plenty to come, Alessi has already developed a die-hard growing fanbase; within the first hour of launching a fan Whatsapp community, so many fans joined that the group began crashing, while fans have also created their own Discord server and multiple groups across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. One new fan has come in the form of FLETCHER, who playlisted recent release ‘eat me alive’ on Spotify and invited Alessi to support her upcoming London shows at Eventim Apollo.