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Music Declares Emergency will be host to Reading / Leeds Festival’s first Eco Camp!

We must tell the truth about the climate emergency: Climate change is happening now, our past actions are the cause, and our future actions can help to alter the outcome.

Will you join our call for action?


The #NoReadingOnADeadPlanet campsite is for like-minded people who want to make a difference: You live life with the planet in mind, and want to stay in a clean, green field for a festival you’ll remember. This is the campsite for you.

Your campsite will have extra bonuses exclusive to the campers choosing to stay here, where everything that is brought in is taken away again, and the field is left as it was found.

Create Your Future. There would be #NoReadingOnADeadPlanet.

The #NoReadingOnADeadPlanet campsite is free to stay in and requires pre-registration for every guest to sign up to the following principles:

1.     All guests agree to respect their fellow campers: Be inclusive and curious, talk about what is important to you, and enjoy the festival together.

2.     All guests agree to respect the environment, avoiding littering and protecting biodiversity: Separate your recyclable materials, use the toilets provided, and don’t cause excess waste.

3.     All guests agree to leave the campsite exactly as they found it: Everyone here has joined the call, take your tent home, and show the way forward.

There would be #NoReadingOnADeadPlanet.

In order to access the Eco-Camp persons must also hold a valid weekend ticket to Reading, as such it is understood that you must adhere to the festival terms and conditions.

Book into the campsite HERE and Create Your Future. There would be #NoReadingOnADeadPlanet