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Hayley Kiyoko’s best moments from 20GayTeen

2018 was the year Lesbian Jesus arose and the world was obsessed with Hayley Kiyoko; rightly so, it was a wild ride for the singer including the release of her debut album and selling out headline shows around the world. We’re counting down 10 of the best moments from her 2018 right here.



Anyone who has an Internet connection has heard of the term 20GayTeen, but you might not know it started with Hayley Kiyoko herself.

We’d RT this a thousand times if we could.


After months of waiting and we mean MONTHS, April saw the release of her debut album ‘Expectations’. From emotional lyrics to the incredibly catchy choruses, ‘Expectations’ defied everything to become one of the most underrated albums of the year. Still need to listen to it? What the hell have you been playing at?

She smashed a huge performance on Kimmel

Pass us the holy water and bless us with it already.

And won an MTV VMA for PUSH Artist of the Year

Name us one person who deserved a moon person more than Hayley. That’s right. You can’t.

She slayed a performance of ‘Curios’ at the Billboard Women in Music Awards

It’s impossible not to join in with the… didyoutakehimtothepierinSantaMonicaforgettobringyourjacketwrapupinhimcauseyouwantedto?!!

And walked away with the Rising Star Award after delivering one of the most emotional speeches

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying.

She stunned on iconic magazine covers

“I wanted to be on the cover to embrace women for their strength and beauty, and be surrounded by them.”

Girls Like Girls hit 100 million views on YouTube

This video should be made into a movie.

She empowered others through her Tweets

Everyone should be more Kiyoko.

She sold out her European tour within seconds

Only Hayley could announce another UK tour before even completing her first.

We could go on but some of us have got line up announcements to sort out. Fancy seeing Hayley do her thing at this year’s Reading Festival? You know what to do.