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10 of Bastille’s Essential Tracks

Bastille have been coming to Reading for nearly as long as our nans – they’ve risen through the ranks from the BBC Introducing Stage, right up to their headline slot this year on the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Sunday.

Whether you’ve been a fan since their ‘Overjoyed’ days or you’re new to the wonderful world of Bastille, we’re counting down 10 of their essential tracks before they light up Reading Festival.


We couldn’t kick off the list without ‘Pompeii’, could we? There’s no Bastille song that’s more Bastille than this one. Whack it on, crank it up loud. That’s the sound of summer, my friend.


Me reading the title, “oh, this is gonna be happy.”

Me after watching the video… Ohhkay never mind.


Taken from their latest album ‘Doom Days’, ‘Joy’ sees the band experimenting with gospel choirs to provide one of their most upbeat songs to date. Speaking about the track Dan said:

“Joy is the moment at the end, almost that moment of redemption when you wake up on the kitchen floor and all of the anxieties come flooding in.”


‘Grip’ sees Bastille team up with Seeb as we watch one young man struggle to find himself while escaping the pains of life with his friends. He’s lured to late-night fun, but will he make it out of the party with his dignity intact? Sounds like us at 3am in the campsites, to be honest, there’s no point sugar coating it.

Doom Days

This is one of those songs that will totally slap you in the face and you’ll be a-okay with it.

Good Grief

Ready for another dive into the depths of Dan’s dark, yet mesmerising mind? Speaking about ‘Good Grief’ he said:

“I wanted to write about how bizarre grief and loss are, either because someone’s died, or through the loss of a relationship. I wanted to encapsulate the stages of denial, shock, depression and complete euphoria”.

Send Them Off

Don’t mind us, this one just gives us all the nostalgia feels.

Bad Blood

Can you believe this came out six years ago? SIX! Who else realised they’re saying ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ at the start?

Those Nights

Taken from their latest album, ‘Those Nights’ is another musical direction from the band. We stan versatile kings.


The beginning of this song is the airdrop receiving song, don’t even try and tell us otherwise.

Bastille bring the party on Sunday at Reading Festival – want to be there? You’re too slow for Day Tickets, why not whack a full Weekend Ticket in your bag and be done with it.