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Wolf Alice

“You can join us if you think you’re wild,” Ellie Rowsell sang on ‘Freazy’ back in 2015. “You can join us if you’re a feral child.”

Many like minds answered the call. Wolf Alice’s 2015 gold-certified debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ hit No 2 in the UK charts in June of that year, and No 12 on the Billboard alternative albums chart in the US: that’s the sort of success most young guitar bands wait years to achieve.

Love Alice’s second album, ‘Visions of a Life’ not an album of cliche. It’s packed with surprises for those who think they know what Wolf Alice’s shtick is. A gauntlet is hurled by the exhilarating rage-rush of comeback track ‘Yuk Foo’, briskly laying waste to all it sees in a little over two minutes. “You bore me, you bore me to death,” screams Ellie. “Deplore me? No I don’t give a shit.”