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The Wombats

Los Angeles: a city of contrasts. On one hand, a metropolis of aspirations, a place which offers the transient a tantalising glimpse of glamour and permanence. On the other, many dreams drift away, deserted within an urban personification of unfulfilled ambitions. It might not seem like the most obvious place around which to theme an album for a band rooted in Liverpool (albeit via Norway in the case of bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen, or onto London for frontman Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy), but that’s precisely what The Wombats have done with their third set ‘Glitterbug’, a collection which follows their top five hit ‘This Modern Glitch’.

Despite the album’s focus on L.A. and the band’s growing geographical displacement, The Wombats remain a Liverpudlian band at heart. Tord and Dan still live there, with the band’s rehearsal room also in the locality. Similarly Murph is proud of his roots, despite plotting a move to Los Angeles in the longer term. “I’m actually excited about how much of an awful struggle I’m going to have to make it a reality,” he laughs. “It’s going to be great.”