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The LaFontaines

Critics have been bemused and thrilled by the Glasgow four-piece and their amorphous drifts between brooding hip-hop, intelligent pop and resolute rock. “I don’t think its confusing.” says charismatic frontman Kerr Okan of his band. “This industry is just terrified of something that’s different or original. If they can’t put it into a box to copy and paste to the masses then it’s a problem. We as a band pride ourselves on being that very problem.”

For an independent band, one thing The LaFontaines don’t have a problem with is selling records. Having just released their sophomore album ‘Common Problem’ the band have gained their second top 10 record. Packed with relentless energy and aggression, their latest offering was produced by Joe Cross (The Courteeners) and has already wowed audiences across the nation on their sold out UK headline tour.