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Soft Launch

Introducing Soft Launch – a five piece who, when asked to describe themselves, quickly reel off, “Irish” and “boyband”.  It’s funny, because Soft Launch are not entirely Irish. They are also not entirely a boyband: not in the way you might expect anyway, but it’s exactly this brand of glint-in-the-eye self awareness that they wear so well and draws you into their orbit of stylish, intelligent, melodic perfection.

Soft Launch are Josh McClorey, Benedict Quinn, Conor Price, Henry Pearce and Limmer. Clearly, we are not in traditional boy band territory here: unless the boy band in question is as much Vampire Weekend and The Beatles as they are Harry Styles.

All of Soft Launch write, produce, and deftly interchange instruments throughout both the recording process and gigs. Lead vocals come in various waves from Josh, Henry, Conor & Ben with Limmer steadying The Beach Boys-esque ship. Their already packed out live shows is where anyone should head for a Good Time. Wall to wall with eager sub-20-somethings scream-singing every word back to the boys and lapping up the vibe, they sold out The Grace in London a few weeks ago in less than an hour, without a single piece of music out in the world. Here is a band totally realised, at ease with the stage and themselves and will have you wrapped around their little fingers without breaking a sweat.

Of course, this is just the beginning, but what’s clear is that Soft Launch seem to have been born from the kind of serendipity that doesn’t really exist anymore within a tik-tok focused, content-driven music industry. It was an old school happening of right place, right time: five incredible musicians- genuine artists- who never set out to be in a band, yet fit together so harmoniously in a way they just couldn’t ignore and you shouldn’t either.