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Shadow Child

Where did he come from? The shadows. He was born in the shadows, that’s where he feels most comfortable. That’s where he gets to work, creating bass-heavy house joints that raise the roof from London to Ibiza to San Francisco and everywhere in between. In the shadowy studio is where you’ll find him, wrapped up in his blanket of darkness… Who is he?

Shadow Child is his name and he is now revelling in the limelight, thanks to his recent onslaught of firing house music. Not long ago, Simon was known by a different pseudonym, working within the electro house sphere – at his peak he made the brave decision to hit the resent button and go back
to his roots. Neale put the electro sound to one side and shifted his focus to tougher drum’n’bass and hardcore influences (the sounds he grew up on), intertwined with today’s omnipresent four-to-the-floor beats. This resulted in a lethal concoction that has found favour with many of today’s most influential figureheads.