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Pretty Vicious

Pretty Vicious had notoriety thrust upon them at the tender ages of 16 -18 years old having only played four gigs. After an unseemly A&R melee that Malcolm McLaren could only dream of the band signed to former record label.
What followed can only be referred to as a car crash, the band innocent passengers, with managers & executives squabbling over the steering wheel.

So two years later the Merthyr boys are pulled from the crash, scratched but generally unscathed, and have regained their mojo as can be heard on the new tracks coming out of the recent session recorded with Dan Austin at Monnow Valley. An amicable settlement with Virgin and a parting of the ways with the previous management leaves them free to roam the valleys and re-create that burst of vitality and raw energy that made them such an attractive proposition, and they are still all under the age of 21…frightening.

It’s time for a young raw rock n roll band to take the streaming world by storm, and that band is Pretty Vicious.