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BBC Radio 1Xtra StageSunday10:15 pm


Hailing out of North-East London, multi-talented artist Not3s began his musical journey at a young age. Having always been into music, Not3s found himself in certain circumstances that only drove him to have a deeper passion for it.

Not3s’ popularity has now led him to be in high demand performing across the country and internationally. He has featured with many top UK artists including, Tinie Tempah, Shakka and MoStack to name a few.

Speaking on music, Not3s expressed “I’m in love with anything that sounds right, no matter the genre and person.” He went on to say “my plan is to be the best that has stepped foot in the game, but not for money. More for the love of what I do and create.”

Not3s has released his debut EP the ‘Take Not3s EP’ and his sophomore EP ‘Take Not3s II’. He says “my sound is a crazy wave and I’m going to make everyone drown in it!”