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Mo Gilligan

Mo Gilligan aka Mo The Comedian is a stand up comic and one of the UK’s fastest rising social media stars with an online reach running into the multiple millions.

With his high-energy style and stunning physicality, Mo creates his own shortform comedy content across a range of platforms with huge viewer engagement. His sketches regularly go viral, trend and are co signed by some of the most famous names in international music. He’s already collaborated with the likes of The BET Awards, Unilad and Link Up TV, to name a few.

Mo’s debut Coupla Cans Tour sold a phenomenal 25,000 tickets to date, including 22 sold out London shows. He’s also appeared as a brand ambassador for Adidas alongside Stormzy, sent Instagram into a meltdown when international superstar Drake quoted one of his catchphrases and consistently hit well over a million views for every new sketch offering he has released on social media.