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Jodie Langford

Originally a spoken word performer, Jodie Langford turned her talents towards the music industry looking for a wider audience to spread her message and develop as an artist.

She comes armed with her unique northern voice paired with an incredible ability to turn observations of the world and her own personal experiences into relatable, thought provoking and often funny lyrical content that tackles everything from downing pints, dead-end jobs and the government, to more personal relationship issues or abstract concepts.

Her message is universal and every audience can find something to latch on to in each of her songs.
Always by her side is her trusted producer/DJ, Endoflevelbaddie, who channels her raw unfiltered energy and shapes the music that flits chaotically between Post-Punk, Techno, Drum & Bass and everything in-between.

Jodie continues to write new music in her unique way, never afraid to expose herself or call out the powers that be and has become a force of nature when she performs live, providing audiences with ferocious, confident, thought-provoking shows and, after a string of successful performances on her home turf, has been described as one of Hull’s best new artists to keep an eye on.