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Hardy Caprio

Regarded as the next to fly the flag for Croydon, Hardy Caprio has quickly proven why he is worthy of this title by gatecrashing and setting his own tone in the UK Grime, Rap and Garage scene. Gaining a mass following online that is evident by his YouTube view count, Facebook view count and SoundCloud listening count soaring in to the millions and tens of thousands of followers, collectivelty across his social networks.

Consisting of Grime and Garage mash-ups and refixes, Hardy has pioneered resurgence of old school instrumentals, such as XTC’s classic Grime beat ‘Functions On The Low’, which is exhibited in ‘Soundbwoy’ of Hardy’s industry marker campaign ‘Hardy Season’. Which allowed Hardy to get recognised and nominated for the GRM Daily and KA Drinks – Rated Awards, 2015.