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Dinosaur Pile-Up

After ten years, two albums, and countless tours, Dinosaur Pile-Up have taken their sound harder, faster, and terrifyingly heavier than ever before with their third album, ‘ELEVEN ELEVEN’, released in late 2015 on So Recordings. Dinosaur Pile-Up, frontman Matt Bigland, drummer Mike Sheils, and bassist Jim Cratchley, have been reborn – ravenous for bigger crowds, broader stages and the fresh blood of fans’ ears.

To give you an idea of Dinosaur Pile-Up’s definition of ‘hard and fast’ just glance at the miles they’ve travelled on the live circuit in the last couple of years: U.S. four times (soon to be five), Japan four times, Europe three times, India twice, and their native UK endlessly. That’s a hell of an itinerary for a band with a live show as notoriously savage as theirs.