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Born & raised in West London’s Ealing, Brunswick’s life up until now has seemingly been purpose built to end up here.  Back then Brunswick was solely working with the production software on his laptop. But then, post-dropping out of college, he was also kicked out of his family home – and it’s here that he slowly found his way back toward playing music with guitars before then combining the two. For a while he slept on the floor in east London’s Strongroom studios with fellow musician friend, the rapper Ryan De La Cruz. Then he headed to Brighton where he became swept up in a wave of night-after-night-and-into-the-early-hours partying with a bunch of other musician friends. This soon lead “into a realisation of guitars, Jimi Hendrix, the Stone Roses, Oasis – all these bands I’d listened to before as a kid and grown up with but had never given a proper chance.”