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Blossoms cite the likes of the Stone Roses, Oasis, and the Arctic Monkeys as part of the reason why they got into music. “We were those music-obsessed kids,” explains drummer Joe Donovan. “When we were at school, there were bands out there who looked like we did, from places near us, and they were out there making great music. It spurred us on.”

The band’s own influences are clear, but not in a direct, creative sense. Blossoms have their own sound and it is very different from their indie predecessors. There are hints and nods, but nothing more. If there is a passing of the torch, it is in spirit. These are working-class lads, blessed with great tunes and a cocksure conviction to take on the world.

Their new record is an emphatic statement of intent. A brilliantly cohesive storyline of an album. There’s no hint of sophomore struggle or identity crisis – this is Blossoms, and you are dared not to fall in love. Their eponymous LP may have been a phenomenal debut with moments of brilliance, but this is something else. This is a complete work.