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Black Foxxes

‘Reiði’ – the Icelandic word for rage – is a fitting title for the second full length record to come from Exeter’s Black Foxxes. Born from a restless need to push creative boundaries, and a fear of stagnation in all its forms, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2016 debut album ‘I’m Not Well’ sees the three-piece pushing the vicious bite that fuels their band to new highs, and experimenting with menacing shade and uplifting light alike.

Crashing back into daily life with a jolting bump – after the whirlwind of touring their debut – Black Foxxes’  Mark Holley was itching for a new challenge, and some all important time to reflect. “Once we get back from tour, it’s a completely different lifestyle,” the frontman explains, speaking of returning to the South West after a gruelling stretch of time on the road, “especially down here in the middle of nowhere. I have this need and burst to go and explore, or else I just get depressed and anxious. I’m basically singing about that [on ‘Reiði’].”