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Beren Olivia

Beren Olivia is here to stay. After taking a step back to really look at her surroundings and what she wants to say, the British singer songwriter is returning stronger, more confident and more in tune with her true values and voice. Now, she’s forging down a path of powerful intention, paved by five potent songs on her upcoming EP that drive the lessons she’s learned home. “I was just finding my boundaries and myself,” she explains, now on the other side of this metamorphic period and ready to take on the world again. “It all needed to happen because I feel really solid–it was like a break down to rebuild thing. ”

Prior to this embrace of change, the 22 – year -old had made a name for herself as a rising talent to be reckoned with. A self-described “headphones kid”, growing up, she found music transported her into new worlds and helped her address thoughts and feelings she otherwise might not have. Combining her love of writing and poetry ( “I’d be writing poems during chemistry class and getting sent to detention, ”she laughs ) and self-taught guitar skills inspired by Taylor Swift, she started putting together her own songs around the age of 16.