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Bastille have gone from a bedroom band to crashing the UK charts with their recent second album, ‘Wild World’,  debuting in the UK charts at number 1 and staying there for two weeks.

It’s just six years since South Londoner, Dan, started Bastille alone in his bedroom, releasing 300 copies of Bastille’s debut single. Relentless gigging, genuine word of mouth and some smartly curated mixtapes has meant that within three years — and with Chris Wood (drums), Will Farquarson (guitar) and Kyle Simmons (keyboards) added to the line-up, Bastille have become a global phenomenon

The band’s chart-conquering debut album ‘Bad Blood’ has sold over 4m albums alongside 11m singles.  Their latest album‘Wild World’ retains the vivid, rich, filmic song-writing of its predecessor but pushes the band’s distinctive sound in exciting new directions. Lyrically, it’s a leap forward. “If our first album was about growing up and freaking out about it” Dan explains,

First single ‘Good Grief’ is unmistakably a Bastille song with its sampling of Kelly Le Brock from 80s movie Weird Science. Across ‘Wild World’ you’ll find numerous new additions to the band’s sonic architecture. “On the first record we didn’t have guitars simply because I couldn’t play guitar,” Dan smiles. “This time round we’ve added them to the mix — but they’re still a massive novelty to us, so it’s been fun developing the band’s sound.”

A sense of escapism runs through ‘Wild World’, but at the heart of it all is a fascination with the human condition, and the relationships we all forge, fight over and sometimes forget. “The world can seem fucked up,” Dan concludes. “But people — well, people can be amazing. The relationships you choose to have in your life are the main solace. They’re the things that make life awesome.”