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A1 x J1

A1 x J1

If something good was to come from the pandemic, it is A1 and J1.
Meeting on the App Houseparty in 2020, 16-year-old A1 from North West London now based in Coventry and 18-year-old J1 from Kent started their rapping aspirations together remotely, showcasing a zeitgeist movement from the repercussions of this year.

Latest Trends launched as just a 15 second tease, going viral on TikTok, with social media comments begging for the song to be released in full. All organically and from 2 young, brand new artists the track now has grown and grown.

Both A1 and J1 bring unique flows throughout the track. J1 with strong
standout bars and A1 who brings the idyllic catchy chorus. Rap and R&B vibes are in full flow with the UK stamp placed on the track.