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Mallory Knox

Hailing from Cambridge, the Mallory Knox boys formed in late 2009. Collaborating their various influences, Mikey, Sam, Joe, Dave and James set about writing music that they wanted to hear themselves. 

After three months of writing, the band began to play shows and establish their name in the local music scene. After quickly establishing a loyal fan base, Mallory Knox went into the studio to record their debut EP, entitled 'Pilot', with Dan Lancaster (We Are The Ocean, Lower Than Atlantis, Proceed) at Studio Glasseye. The release of 'Pilot' a few months later built the boys fan base and reputation further and gained them substantial notice within the industry.

After signing with SGR management (Stuart Gili-ross from Gallows) MK quickly became more than a local hometown band; playing across the country on their first tour with Never Means Maybe, as well as being endorsed by Rockstar energy drink. The recent release of their first video 'Oceans' which reached as high as number 2 in the most requested Scuzz chart, as well as a number of tours to be annonced for the first quarter or 2011, sets Mallory Knox up for both a productive and exciting end to their first full year as a band.

Debut album 'Signals' is out now and they have just announced that their second album has been completed.


Photo by Lee Goldup