Campsite Assistance Team (CATs)

Reading Festival CATs

You can gain free entrance to this summer's Reading Festival by volunteering at the festival. Our volunteer stewards, or CATs, work closely with Festival Republic and play a big part in creating a good atmosphere at the Reading Festival - helping the festival goers to get the most out of their festival! By joining the team you can help us to continue to achieve this!

The CAT role can include

  • Assisting festival goers with directions.
  • Helping festival goers carry their belongings and pitch their tents.
  • Answering questions about performances and line-ups.
  • Reporting any problems e.g. a build-up of litter or faulty facilities.
  • Working with Fire Safety, Medical and Security teams.
  • Keeping an eye on the campsites from the fire towers.
  • Helping out with various roles across the festival site e.g. pedestrian and vehicle gates, wristband exchanges, keeping an eye on facilities, monitoring stages and walkways.

All CATs are provided with

  • A Crew Pass when you arrive at the festival.
  • An Info Pack prior to arrival at the festival - this pack thoroughly details the festival stewarding role and responsibilities and provides information about the festival and the festival site.
  • A festival uniform – tabard and long sleeved crew top – the top you can keep to prove you worked at the festival!
  • Access to the crew café, toilets and showers!
  • A thorough on-site briefing.
  • Camping facilities in a secure crew area.
  • Time to enjoy the festival - you only work 3 x 8 hr shifts (24 hrs in total throughout the festival).

To apply you will need to

  • Be 18 or over on the date of arrival.
  • Be available to arrive at the Reading Festival site by 12:00 (midday) at the latest on Wednesday 20th August 2014. You're welcome to arrive from midday on Tuesday 19th.
  • Be available for a briefing at 19:00 Tuesday 19th, 11:00 or 18:00 Wednesday 20th (the briefing you need to attend is shift pattern dependant).
  • Be available to work 3 x 8 hour shifts at any time between 09:00 Wednesday 20th (or 01:00 Thursday if arriving for the later briefing) and 16:00 Monday 25th.
  • Please note: when the shift preferences are available in PAAM, if you chose one of the shift patterns which include a Wednesday shift and are confirmed for this, you will need to arrive on the Tuesday (from midday) to be booked in and have your onsite briefing at 19:00 on the Tuesday prior to your first shift on the Wednesday
  • Wear a festival tabard and crew top whilst working.
  • Report in every two hours to your staff supervisor or immediately in the case of any problems.
  • Produce documents to prove your right to work / volunteer in the UK.
  • Provide a refundable security deposit of £230.00 GBP.

More info
If you’re interested in volunteering please visit: www.hotboxevents.com. Or you can email: [email protected]. Or you can go straight to the application here: https://hotboxevents.paamapplication.co.uk/

Volunteer as a Green Messenger

These volunteer positions help work the recycling initiatives throughout the festival. You need to be full of energy, not mind getting your hands dirty and are a passionate recycler. If you don’t have a green bone in your body, don’t bother applying – unless you go and get yourself a crash course on recycling and the environment – then come back to us!

You will do some or all of the following:

• Be stationed at the sets of recycling bins throughout the campgrounds telling people what bin to put their recycling in. You will be armed with a litter picking stick and be required to pick out the wrong stuff that gets thrown in the wrong bin when you are not looking. You may also do some litter picking around the roadway your bin’s stationed on. Daytime shifts only.
• Be part of our Recycle Exchange team. You will receive bags of cans and other rubbish from the campers and encouraging them separate their waste responsibly. You will need to be a bit bossy as well as nice for this job as you will have to make the people pick out any ‘contaminants’ from the bags they bring back.
• Be part of our Compost Crew. These will be highly sought after arena jobs, so volunteers will need to jump through a few hoops to get put on this role. The Compost Crew will rove around the arena with a handy hoop and a litter picking stick working as mobile compost bins. This is so people don’t have to sit in other’s squished kebabs and also so we capture the estimated 70% of compostable waste produced in the arena ends up as compost and not as methane puffing out of a landfill. OK, so not such a glamorous job, but you will get to hear the bands.

•    Hand out bin bags to people on arrival.
•    Tell the campers about the recycling initiatives, especially promoting the idea of packing their camping gear down and taking it home.
•    Staffing Tent Recycling points on the Monday morning.
•    Working in the sorting area to re-pack all the donated gear.
•    Salvaging and scavenging good quality re-usable gear that’s left in the campsites, to go to charity and community organisations.

You need to be:

• Over 18 years at the time of the festival.
• Be willing to pay a shift deposit of £239 in advance which will be refunded one month after the festival, assuming you complete your shifts. (Please note we will refund you £230 as £9 is a non-refundable PayPal fee).
• Have approval to work in the UK if not an EU citizen (holiday work permits are OK).
• Work 24 hours, on shifts allocated by us, between the Thursday before the show and Monday after the show. (Please be advised that the allocation of all shifts will be at the discretion of the Green Messengers’ Team).
• Arrive on site Wednesday before 2pm for registration and briefing.

You will camp in crew camping with like-minded passionate people and have access to hot showers, and nice loos.
You won’t get any free meals though, sorry.

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