BlaBlaCar Ridesharing

Driving to Reading Festival? Save money and time by Ridesharing with BlaBlaCar. Passengers contribute to your fuel costs and there’s a BlaBlaCar Priority Car Park.

What the fudge you say?

Well, simply offer your empty seats on BlaBlaCar to 1000s of other festival goers looking to share the journey (and its costs) with you! If you take three passengers, you’ve fully covered your journey’s costs!

It doesn’t stop there! You’ll also be guaranteed a spot in our exclusive BlaBlaCar Priority Car Park and be in for a chance to win our VIP backstage tickets (VIP tickets competition now closed).

Yet to work out how you are getting to Reading Festival? Simply find drivers already going. You’ll just contribute to their fuel costs and be dropped off right outside the main festival entrance. Typically, it’s at least 75% cheaper than trains… worth a look I think!