Eviction Policy

We have two ejection tents on site and a formal ejection policy for festival goers that are seen displaying, or inciting, inappropriate, offensive or illegal activity. Those evicted will not be re-admitted to the event and tickets will not be refunded. If you are ejected you will not be permitted back to your tent to collect your belongings. Instead, you will be offered a phone call to a friend on site who will have to pack your stuff down and take it home for you.


Unacceptable behaviour that can lead to eviction includes, but is not limited to -


• Illegal activity

• Offensive behaviour

• Throwing of objects in the direction of people

• Encouraging others to behave badly by incitement

• Preventing our security or emergency services reacting to a situation

• taking tents with the intent of burning them

• building large bonfires

• any fire in the campsites after 8pm on Sunday night


Security staff will take the ejectee to one of the ejection tents, where they will give our independent staff based in the tent their report. The evictee will then have their photo and personal details taken. They will be given the opportunity to make a statement, before any decision on their eviction is made.


Our staff will then assess the situation and decide whether to issue a warning and let them back in, or whether to take their wristband and get security to eject them from the event, or pass them to the police if appropriate.


If they are ejected, they will be escorted off site and will have to make their own way home.  They will not be permitted back into the event. They will also not be permitted back to their tent to collect their belongings. Instead, they will be offered a phone call to a friend on site who will have to pack their stuff down and take it home for them.


We will be recording any such behaviour for evidential purpose using CCTV cameras around site and other recording devices.


Your coming to site will be deemed as your acceptance of this and the footage will be given to the police for court purposes.