Food Traders

We have hundreds of food traders on site selling a huge variety of food; everything from burgers to baguettes, noodles to milkshakes, cookies to Chinese takeaway, pizzas to ostrich burgers… there is so much to choose from!

The majority of food traders in the campsite are based around our G8 road and the Reaper Bridge area, with some also located outside the Arena Entrances. We’ve got some additional traders located in Brown, Red and White – just to make sure you guys don’t have to walk too far to get something to wake yourself up.

All of our food traders are obliged to abide by the prices that are set with them in advance. There are very few exceptions to this – for example, if a trader is selling premium goods such as organic meats, they may have dispensation to set higher prices.

We always upload a copy of the price list when it is made available closer to the event – if you spot any of the prices being charged on site as being different to those on our price list let us know. You can do this by writing in the complaint book at the Information or Welfare tents. It helps us more if you can write down the name of stall, the time of day, what price you saw for what item and where they were located so we can really pinpoint who it is. By letting us know on site at the time, we can do something about it for the rest of the weekend!

It is also highly recommended that you try and take a photo if you have a camera or phone that is capable of doing so and letting the information tent know – we may contact you directly to use the photos as evidence, so please leave an up-to-date phone number or email address for us to contact you!

Remember to look out, or ask, about anything ingredients you may be allergic to in any trader’s food. They should be able to provide advice before you make any purchase.

We’re always pleased to work with Reading Borough Council’s Environmental Health Officers on their Alfresco Award scheme. Each trader is entered into the award, judged on several aspects including food hygiene, noise at work and much more. We give out a gold, silver and five bronze awards each year out of the hundreds of traders on site – check them all out and give them a try!