Fire Safety

We have dedicated fire fighters who are fully equipped to deal with any fires. We also have fire observation towers with spotter stewards on the top located around the campsites and car parks, to keep an eye out for fires and incidents.

There are fire extinguishers across the site and water backpacks provided to some of our stewarding teams. Outside of our fire fighters, many of the stewards and security staff have been trained in fire safety and the use of fire equipment so please let them deal with the incident.


  • NO fires are allowed in the main Arena at all. 
  • Bonfires are not permitted anywhere. 
  • No campfires at all permitted after 8pm Sunday night.
  • Clean firewood available from on site woodsman up until 6pm Sunday night.
  • Burning tents, metal poles, wellies, sleeping bags, plastic, rubbish, unwanted items, etc, is not only dangerous but produces toxic fumes. Please pack down unwanted and put them to good use by handing them in to Recycling points. 
  • Never throw gas canisters or cylinders on fires. It may seem like fun, but the repercussions can be dangerous, sometimes fatal.

Our definition of ‘campfire’…Campfires i.e. a small fire that is below knee-height, less than one-pace wide and made of clean fuel, will be allowed in the campsite, provided that they are looked after responsibly and not be in a position that is a danger to any structure or person and not blocking any roads. They will be monitored and will be put out if they go outside these limits.

A few other good pointers:

  • Candles are plain dangerous; torches are far less of a fire risk in and around tents.
  • Watch out for flying embers and sparks, as they could start a fire, even from some distance.
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to start or revive a fire.
  • If you cook, always do it outside, ensure that there is constant supervision and keep well away from any flammable materials.

The zone manager in your campsite is there to help and advise you, so if you have any questions about fire safety or an issue, let them know.