Festival Facilities



The ActionAid tent is back for the thirteenth year at Reading in 2014, giving you more jam packed action than ever before. By day, make the most of this relaxing hangout with comfy seating, giant jenga and table football.

Then by night, our DJs get the party started until 3am! Watch out for the secret DJ sets from some of the festival stars in our tent. Follow us on twitter @ActionAid_Team #actionaidtent to be in the know.

You can take action to support people fighting their way out of poverty by adding your name to our campaign and shouting bollocks to poverty! Not forgetting lots of lovely free Bollocks to Poverty stickers, badges and tattoos.

The Bollocks to Poverty experience is all about fighting poverty and injustice by doing something you love. But you don’t need to wait until Reading, whether it’s through music, art, activism or shopping, there’s loads of ways to say bollocks to poverty.

Banks & Cashpoints

There are ATM machines available at the festival. There is a charge of £2 per transaction. They will be open 24 hours.

The nearest cash points near the festival are as follows:

  • Out of Red gate, there is a Snax 24 Garage at the end of Richfield Avenue
  • Out of Orange gate, there is a large Tesco’s on Portman Road

We thoroughly recommend finding your bank’s phone number for lost and stolen cards and putting it in your phone for emergencies. Both of our Information Tents have most of the major banks and building societies numbers should you need them.  



There are several bars in the Arena, a bar in the white campsite and a carry-out bar by Reaper’s Bridge. 

All of our bars work on a cash only basis. 

In order to speed up the service and to keep our queues moving, our Main Stage right and left bars will not be serving spirits. The bar located by the Radio 1 NME Stage will serve the full range of drinks. 

The White campsite bar will also continue to serve real ales this year.

Campsite Assistance Team (CAT)

Campsite Assistance Team (CAT) volunteers work within our campsites in order to help you make the most out of your festival experience – 24 hours a day! 

Everything from securing your belongings by UV marking them, helping you with directions, stage times, complaints about litter or any of our facilities, any anti-social behaviour that may be worrying you, or simply if you’re struggling to put your tent up (we’ve all been there!) – CATs will try their very best to help you.  

CATs are easy to spot wandering around in their patrols with their bright turquoise, unique numbered tabards, but if you can’t see them, they can also be found or contacted at your nearest fire tower or at the zone manager’s office for your coloured zone! 

If you would like to be involved in the festival and feel like you’ve got the spirit to volunteer to be a CAT, please check out the application process at www.HotboxEvents.com. You can also email them at info@hotboxevents.com 

Cinema Tent

Make sure you check back closer to the event to see what amazing films and shorts we'll be showing!

Eviction Policy

We have a formal eviction policy on-site for festival-goers seen displaying, or inciting, inappropriate, offensive or illegal activity or behaviour. 

Unacceptable behaviour that can lead to eviction includes, but is not limited to:

  • Illegal activity
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Throwing of objects in the direction of people
  • Encouraging others to behave badly by incitement
  • Preventing our security or emergency services reacting to a situation
  • Taking tents with the intent of burning them
  • Building large bonfires
  • Any fire in the campsites after 8pm on Sunday night

We take evicting very seriously and have spent every year reviewing our eviction policy with Thames Valley Police. We will absolutely not compromise on the health and safety of other festival-goers and staff members, nor would we want visitors to have their experienced ruined by those just wanting to mess around or ruin it for the rest of us.

We have two eviction tents at the festival which are managed by an independent contractor under the name WAVES. They will independently assess each eviction based on the evidence and report provided by the escorting security. The festival-goer will have their details and photo taken. The festival-goer will be given a chance to make a statement, before any decision is made.

With the provided evidence and report, WAVES will assess and decide to issue either a warning and let the individual back into the event, or they will take the wristband off and get security personnel to evict them from the site.

If you are evicted, you will not be permitted back to your tent to collect your belongings. Instead, you will be offered a phone call to a friend or family member on site who will have to pack down your stuff and take it home for you.

If evicted, the festival-goer will be escorted off the site onto Richfield Avenue, where they will have to make their own way home (either by using the taxi ranks, shuttle bus or walking to the train station). They will not be allowed back into the event at all.

We will record behaviour for evidential purpose using CCTV cameras around the site and other recording devices. By choosing to come to the festival site, this will be seen as acceptance of this and any footage will be given to the police for court purposes. 

Fire Safety

We have dedicated fire fighters who are fully equipped to deal with any fires. We also have fire observation towers with spotter stewards on the top located around the campsites and car parks, to keep an eye out for fires and incidents.

There are fire extinguishers across the site and water backpacks provided to some of our stewarding teams. Outside of our fire fighters, many of the stewards and security staff have been trained in fire safety and the use of fire equipment so please let them deal with the incident.


  • NO fires are allowed in the main Arena at all. 
  • Bonfires are not permitted anywhere. 
  • No campfires at all permitted after 8pm Sunday night.
  • Clean firewood available from on site woodsman up until 6pm Sunday night.
  • Burning tents, metal poles, wellies, sleeping bags, plastic, rubbish, unwanted items, etc, is not only dangerous but produces toxic fumes. Please pack down unwanted and put them to good use by handing them in to Recycling points. 
  • Never throw gas canisters or cylinders on fires. It may seem like fun, but the repercussions can be dangerous, sometimes fatal.

Our definition of ‘campfire’…Campfires i.e. a small fire that is below knee-height, less than one-pace wide and made of clean fuel, will be allowed in the campsite, provided that they are looked after responsibly and not be in a position that is a danger to any structure or person and not blocking any roads. They will be monitored and will be put out if they go outside these limits.

A few other good pointers:

  • Candles are plain dangerous; torches are far less of a fire risk in and around tents.
  • Watch out for flying embers and sparks, as they could start a fire, even from some distance.
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to start or revive a fire.
  • If you cook, always do it outside, ensure that there is constant supervision and keep well away from any flammable materials.

The zone manager in your campsite is there to help and advise you, so if you have any questions about fire safety or an issue, let them know. 

Got An Issue? Let Us Know

We know that Reading Festival is a incredible experience; that is why we’re so proud to be a part of it. But we know that sometimes not everything can be perfect.

Although we can’t control the weather, we do want to know if you have any problems you’d like to tell us about. Usually, we can do something to sort the issue out.

We have a complaints book in the Welfare Tent and at the two Information Tents. You can use these books to write down any issues/positive comments. These books are given to us twice a day, but if there is anything urgent or serious we will be given the complaint immediately to act on straight away.

If your experience is about a member of the festival staff please make sure you try to get their tabard number. To work out which staff member was involved, we'll need the following:

1. Tabard number (please also try and let us know the colour of the tabard)
2. Location of incident, please try and be specific, for example “by Fire tower Y2, by the Radio One tent” etc
3. Time of incident or what band was on at the time
4. Description of the staff member
5. Your concise and straight account of incident
6. And if possible a witness statement

Unfortunately, without these details we are simply not able to look into any incident. With over 3,000 staff members on site, it can be really difficult and even impossible to work out who was involved or helped with your issue if we do not have this kind of information.

If you have a complaint about a trader, such as if they are charging more than what is advertised on our price list, try and take a photo and let the information tent know. We may contact you directly to use the photo as evidence, so please leave an up-to-date phone number or email address for us to contact you. 

Help Us Recycle

We’ve provided plenty of recycling exchanges in the campsites, as well as free bin bags to help with separating waste and recyclables. Check out our green initiatives as there are many promotions we have on which may inspire you. 

We also have separate recycling bins in the Arena – please take the time to help us with becoming more sustainable by not mixing waste. 


ID and Over 18s Wristband

We don't allow unaccompanied under 16s into the festival. If you are 15 and under, you must attend the festival with a ticket holder over 18 years old.

Under 13s can come for free but also must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult over the age of 18.

We do not have a separate children’s area at the festival and no family camping. White Campsite has historically been our quiet campsite so if you want to camp away from the main hub we recommend that you cross the pedestrian footbridge from Brown over the Thames and camp in White.

We know it’s a nightmare to have to carry around your photo ID with you all the time, so consider picking up one of our Over 18s wristbands at the event. This is accepted by our bars, cigarette stalls and the supermarkets at the festival and is available from the Over 18s Wristbands Tent based by Reaper Bridge.

If any of our festival staff are unsure of your age they will ask for photo ID or check that you are wearing an Over 18s wristband. It's up to you to prove that you are 18 years old or over, or you won't be served. If your Over 18s wristband appears to have been tampered with, our staff will ask for additional photo ID. 

Accepted Photo ID: 
- Citizen Card
- Validate UK Card
- ProofGB
- Young Scot
- Full or Provisional photo card driving licence issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
- Passport (with photo)
- Military photo ID card
- PASS Card

We only accept actual passports; not photocopies. If you are worried about losing your passport, please bring along another form of ID. 

The opening times for the Over 18s Wristband Tent will be:
Wednesday - 12 midday – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday – 10am – 6pm

Please note – it is just as illegal for you to purchase alcohol for someone who is under 18, as it is for buying it yourself if you are under 18. You will be evicted from site and may be handed over to the police if you are caught doing either. 

Information Tents

We have two information tents at the festival who are there to help you as best as they can with any queries about the event. This could be anything from the latest stage times to how to get around the festival, or if you’re trying to find a facility close to your camp. 

There is also a complaints book at each of the tents, where you can write down any on site grievances with the event (or compliments, if you fancy it!). As standard procedure, this book is provided to us twice daily as routine, but any incidents which require an immediate response will be reported to us then and there so we can take real time action.

Late Night Entertainment

The party doesn’t stop when the music has finished on our stages. We have welcomed new late night entertainment at Reading over the years and we’re very excited to bring them all back this year. 

We have our two very popular Silent Arenas, running from 10pm until late on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You’ll find one in the red campsite near the funfair and the other in the orange campsite. We’ve also got a Silent tent in the Arena after the Alternative Stage has finished. 

The ActionAid tent returns again for its thirteenth year – not only do they always have great entertainment, but you can support a great cause at the same time. The ActionAid tent opens from 3pm on the Thursday 21st, running late on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For more info check out our ActionAid section.

The Cinema tent in the arena is open until late on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Listings will be provided on the website before the event. 

We also have two funfairs on site, one in the Arena and one in the red campsite, providing plenty of thrills and fun. 


If you’re anything like us you will hate litter and walking around stepping in old plates of food or worse. Please do your part to help us keep Reading Festival nice by cleaning up after yourself, using the recycling bins and the exchange points. 

Free bin bags for campers are provided at the recycling exchanges and we have hundreds of volunteer Green Messengers who are patrolling to help hand out more bin bags and advise you on all our sustainability projects we have on site! You may not be aware that if you take your litter correctly sorted to the exchanges in the bin bags provided, we’ll give you a free beer! Check it out in our green initiatives section.

Please do not burn your rubbish – it is dangerous and can create toxic fumes. 

Lost Children

If you have lost a child or vulnerable adult, please contact a member of staff or police officer immediately who will be able to help you .

Any lost children and vulnerable people are looked after by our onsite Welfare team who are trained and qualified to do so.  Our welfare tent is located on Baker Lane in Yellow campsite. 

Lost Property

At large events such as ours, it is so easy to lose something. It’s not always a happy ending, so please keep your property safe and use the free TVP lanyards wherever possible. 

If you have lost something, please call in at the Left Luggage/Lost Property tent in the Reaper Bridge area. They will be able to provide you with a lost property reference number. 

If you get home and find something is missing, please email lostproperty@wavesltd.org with as much detail as possible about what was lost, with your details and they will come back to you as soon as they can. You can also write to them at: 

Waves, Reading 2014
PO Box 150,
Droitwich Spa,


We have a woodsman selling clean firewood by Reaper Bridge and one in the White campsite. 

Both woodmsen will close at 6pm on the Sunday night and no firewood will be permitted onto site from 6pm Sunday in line with our Sunday night policies. 

Please check out our Fire Safety section for some tips on looking after your campfires. 

Our definition of ‘campfire’…

Campfires i.e. a small fire that is below knee-height, less than one-pace wide and made of clean fuel, will be allowed in the campsite, provided that they are looked after responsibly and not be in a position that is a danger to any structure or person and not blocking any roads. They will be monitored and will be put out if they exceed these limits.

Medics & First Aid

We have a huge medical team on site in various locations – a full field hospital (which includes full resuscitation and Accident & Emergency facilities, GPs, surgeries and psychiatric treatment) located on Baker Lane in Yellow Campsite, a Minor Injuries Unit in White campsite and roaming medics who can deal with all situations. 

Remember, if someone needs urgent medical attention, contact your nearest member of staff who will be able to get in touch with the medics ASAP. 

It is imperative to help your friend / other festival-goers if you can provide as much information as you can to staff and/or the medics, such as if they have taken anything, if they have any medical history you are aware of, etc. You can make a huge difference in the event of an emergency. 

Overindulgence in alcohol or drugs can have indirect as well as direct health effects. Falls, trips and other accidents become more common, especially as most people can feel invincible when they’re not – but most don’t even consider the other risky behaviour such as unprotected sex. Whilst you can buy emergency hormonal contraception (the ‘morning after pill’) from our on site chemist in the hospital, it isn’t free and doesn’t protect from STIs. Far better to arrive at a festival with some condoms in the rucksack or to pick some up from the Welfare tent. And if you are on the pill, remember to bring them with you.

Lockers & Left Luggage

We have a left luggage facility by Reaper Bridge, should you wish to store any of your belongings there for a very small charge over the weekend.

Lockerhouse will be back again this year for you to keep your belongings safe at the event. When you book a locker, you’ll get to keep a souvenir branded padlock and you have the locker for use across the whole weekend. These lockers also come equipped with mobile phone charging facilities, which only require 12v car adaptors/chargers – so you can keep in touch with friends over the weekend. 

It’s important to note that the locker sizes are 25cm wide x 15.5cm deep x 10cm high so they are the right size for small valuables such as mobiles, wallets and cameras. The lockers are used at the hirers own risk. 

Pre-bookable lockers are only available to weekend camping ticket holders. Buy yours now.

Meeting Point

We don’t have any official meeting points on site, so when you do arrive (or arrange a place beforehand using our handy visitor friendly map) arrange some key meeting points and make sure you meet up with your group at two set times a day or if you get split up. 

If this is your first time at the event, check out our first timers’ guide as it contains lots of useful information. 

Toilets & Showers

We’ve got plenty of toilets both in the campsites and the Arena (including female urinelles) and any member of staff should be able to direct you to the closest ones. 

We also install hot water, male and female showers both on Baker Lane in the Yellow campsite and in the White campsite, which are completely free to use. Sometimes these can get a bit busy and there may be queues, so we advise campers in Brown and Purple to make their way across the bridge to White. 

The showers will open at 6am–8pm each day, with breaks for cleaning so please make the most of them and use them instead of the Rivermead Centre.

However, if you do want to get away from it all, then the Rivermead Centre’s café, pool and showers are open to festival-goers for a small charge. Check this out in the Rivermead section. Access to the Rivermead Leisure Centre can be made either via Red gate or by taking O’Malley Alley onto Richfield Avenue, then turning in left at the roundabout. 

Please don’t use the campsite water points for washing your hair or dishes. This can clog up the run off, meaning we’re left with a flooded water point which no one can use – no fun for anyone. 


Official band and festival merchandise is available to buy on site. We have 5 official merchandise tents, four based within the Arena and one by Reaper Bridge in the campsite. 

NME Signing Tent

We are lucky with the artists who have been involved in our NME Signing Tent in the past and we’re excited to see who will be there this year. The NME Signing Tent schedule is normally placed up on chalk boards for the day, so make sure you check it out early and get in line for the bands you really want to meet. 

Please note that some artists are very popular and the queues can become quite long. Our security and stewards may end the queue at a certain point if it is considered unlikely that the band will be able to sign everyone’s items. Unfortunately, they’re very busy and normally have to be back on the bus to either head off to our sister site at Leeds, or to another event they’re performing at, so we can only get them for a limited period of time!

Luxury toilets

The Seat of Luxury will revolutionise your festival experience – male and female WCs to transport you from muddy field to Mayfair hotel.

Using fresh water vacuum technology you will have exclusive access to the most high tech loos ever seen at a festival. And it doesn't stop there - with hot running water, vanity mirrors, perfumes and potions, there is an attendant on hand to keep these lavatories spick and span.

Fully staffed toilets, replete with attendants and cleaners will ensure that your trip to the loo is as swift and clean as can be, so you can get back to the fun stuff – although you may want to hang around and pamper yourself a little longer…

Whilst we cannot guarantee that the luxury loos will be queue-free at busy times, the limited number of tickets available will ensure you are sharing your commode with a privileged few, and your trip to use the facilities compromises nothing on service, hygiene and festival frills.

All this for £30 for the weekend - just go here to add it on to your order.

Our Sponsor's Activities

Every year, we’ve had something new, interesting and unique come to site from our sponsors and we can’t wait to see what they bring this year. Check out this section closer to the event for further updates. 

Police At The Festival

There is a Police Station at the festival at Piccadilly Circus which is staffed by Thames Valley Police throughout the event. Here you can talk to the police, get some advice, or pick up a free phone/wallet lanyard. They’re to help keep your phone and wallet safe. 

Recycling Exchanges

We’ve provided plenty of recycling exchanges in the campsites, as well as free bin bags to help with separating waste and recyclables. Check out our green initiatives as there are many promotions we have on which may inspire you!


We also have separate recycling bins in the Arena – please take the time to help us with becoming more sustainable by not mixing waste! 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army are back at the festival again this year, offering you 24 hour support, counselling, advice, problem sharing, blankets, sleeping bags and wonderfully simple late night refreshments at great prices. This includes tea, coffee, soup (with plain rolls) and all served with a large smile and small price. 

With the exception of 1 year, the Reading Salvation Army have been a key feature and facility on site since the 1971 Reading Festival – making this year their 42nd year! The staff are all volunteers and all money raised goes to local and international charities where the demand for help from the Salvation Army is continually needed.  Although primarily a Church they are renowned throughout the World for their goodwill and aid to disadvantaged countries and people. All of our recycling tinned food will be provided to Salvation Army for a better cause. Check this out in our green initiatives.


Samaritans operate a confidential service on site, providing an ear and support for distressed festival-goers. They operate 24 hours a day, from 12 noon on the Thursday until 6am on the Monday and can be found on Baker Lane in Yellow campsite. 

They offer a non judgmental listening service for anyone passing through a crisis that needs to talk. People can talk to them anytime they like, off the record – about whatever is getting to them. 

Sunday Pass-Out System

From 8pm on the Sunday of the event, we operate a stamp based pass out system. This means that if you are to leave the event during the day and try to return in the evening, you will not be allowed re-entry unless you have a stamp.

Security will be on the gates with stamps throughout the afternoon, but after 8pm if you do not have a stamp, you will not be allowed back into the festival.

Make sure you get a stamp if you plan to leave site, as we’d hate for you to miss out on our Sunday headliner. 

Supermarkets At The Festival

To save you having to leave the festival, there are three supermarkets located right within our campsites, selling convenience foods. Everything from snacks, pies/pastries, chilled drinks, fresh daily bread and milk, newspapers, beer/lager/cider, toiletries, pharmacy, general grocery, fresh sliced meats, bacon, sausage, butter and cheeses, and deli counter. 

They are located in the following campsite areas:

  • A large supermarket in the village area of Yellow campsite, near our Arena Entrance 2
  • A small supermarket in White campsite 
  • A small supermarket at the entrance to Brown campsite from purple

NB: The smaller supermarket will stock a selection of these items listed.

Both supermarkets will allow you to use card (minimum purchase £5) with cash back. A transaction fee of £1 applies when you use your card. 

Tescos in Reading Town

If you find you have to pop out to the shops, there are two large Tesco’s easily accessible from our festival site.

We highly recommend taking the time to get the boat or walk along the towpath from Green gate to the Kings Meadow Tesco’s, as this is well lit at night.

The other is based on Portman Road and is a short walk from Orange gate. Please note this route is dark at night and not recommended. 

Please ensure you’ve read our Confiscation Policy because items which are made from glass will not be permitted on site, nor will alcohol or food considered too much for personal consumption. Please keep this in mind before buying the wrong items or too much. 


Water Points

There are hundreds of tested drinking water points throughout the campsite and the Arena which are free to use. We recommend carrying around a small drinks bottle (under 250ml) to continue filling up throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather.

If you notice any issue with our water points, such as flooding or the tap simply not working, please let a member of staff know so that they can get it fixed. 

Please do not wash your hair with the water points. These can cause the run off to get bunged up and then we end up with flooding, with the water point out of use. There are free, hot showers available on Baker Lane in Yellow campsite and White campsite which are much better! 

Welfare Tent

The Welfare Tent is open 24 hours throughout the event, offering general welfare, assistance and advice, a drugs advisory service, counselling, a messages service and  help for distressed and missing people. They also have a recovery area for patients from the hospital and an emergency shelter in their ‘crash’ tent with camper mats and sleeping bags. 

They’ll be able to help you by providing support should you overindulge, need someone to chat to, find yourself without a tent for the night, or if you’re trying to find family/friends and can’t. Any advice given is provided in the strictest confidence.

There is also a complaints book in the welfare tent where you can write down any problems with the event (or compliments, if you fancy it). As standard procedure, this book is provided to us twice a day, but any incidents which need an immediate response will be reported to us then and there so we can take action straight away. 

Overindulgence in alcohol or drugs can have indirect as well as direct health effects. Falls, trips and other accidents become more common, especially as most people can feel invincible when they’re not – but most don’t even consider the other risky behaviour such as unprotected sex. Whilst you can buy emergency hormonal contraception (the ‘morning after pill’) from our on site chemist in the hospital, it isn’t free and doesn’t protect from STIs. Far better to arrive at a festival with some condoms in the rucksack or to pick some up from the Welfare tent. And if you are on the pill, remember to bring them with you.

What Not To Bring

We've got some conditions that you need to know about before you come to the festival. Have a read of what you can't bring below; our Confiscation Policy is important. It helps us to keep the festival safe and makes sure that all of you guys have an awesome time.

Remember to check out our Festival Terms and Conditions before you pack for the event. 

Any items we take away from you will be destroyed and not returned after the festival, so please don’t bring anything that we list below if you don’t want to lose it!

The following items cannot be brought into the festival through the campsite gates – that means they’re not allowed on our festival site at all:

  • Aerosols over 250ml
  • Air horns
  • Alcohol in the possession of under 18 year olds
  • All gas canisters of any size (including nitrous oxide)
  • Any goods for unauthorised trading
  • Any goods with unauthorised Reading/Leeds Festival logos
  • Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
  • Audio recorders
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Excessive amounts of cigarettes
  • Excessive amounts of food
  • Fireworks
  • Flares
  • Generators
  • Glass bottles, jars, containers
  • Illegal substances
  • Legal highs
  • Megaphones
  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Sound systems – this includes any equipment with speakers
  • Umbrellas
  • Unauthorised professional film or video equipment
  • Unofficial tabards and reflective jackets
  • Firewood and Alcohol after 6pm on Sunday evening only

If you bring any of the above items into the festival, they will be taken away from you.

You may be body searched when entering and leaving the festival site. This is in line with crime reduction strategies with Thames Valley Police. Anyone suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities at the festival may also be searched.

As stated in our list above, excessive amounts of food, cigarettes and alcohol will be refused entry to the site. Please only bring enough for just you and your friends.

No animals are allowed at the festival at all, apart from registered guide dogs.

We often get asked about what is allowed as we know the above can seem daunting and confusing, so we’ve made a helpful guide below of what will be allowed through our campsite gates:

  • Aerosols less than 250ml
  • Alcohol (not allowed in glass bottles) in the possession of over 18yr olds
  • Cans
  • Disposable BBQs
  • Firelighter stoves
  • Fitted gas canisters/cylinders in campervans
  • Flags
  • Green Heat base camp cooker
  • Methylated spirit stoves + one spare small bottle of meths spirit
  • Solid fuel stoves

While the short list above are allowed into our campsites, there are some which are not allowed into the Arena where the stages are. These are as follows:

  • Cans
  • Disposable BBQs and permitted cooking stoves (see below)
  • Drinks bottles **

You can either take these items back to your tent or use the left luggage facility near Reapers Bridge. If you refuse to do either, these items will be taken away.

** Sealed plastic water/soft drinks bottles 500ml and under; and food for personal consumption may be brought into the Arena.

Cameras are normally permitted for personal use. This now includes digital cameras with a detachable lens. Professional cameras and video/audio equipment are not allowed. Live video/audio recordings made without the permission of the artiste/promoter are are also forbidden.

What To Do In An Emergency

In an emergency, remain calm and contact the nearest member of security or steward for help. There are over 3,000 security, stewards and campsite staff on duty, all of which wear our festival tabards. They should be able to help you or obtain the necessary response you require.

On your arrival to site please familiarise yourself with the site and our facilities. We put our visitor friendly site map up here before the event, so feel free to download a copy before you get here.

If you need to contact Thames Valley Police to report a non-emergency crime or to provide information on a crime whilst attending the Reading Festival, please call 101.

If it is an emergency you can always call 999. It is an emergency if a crime is being committed, if there is a risk of injury or a risk of serious damage to property.