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2015 Reading Tickets

2014 ticket terms and conditions

2015 Official ticket agents
See Tickets / 0871 231 0821 (calls cost 10p per minute plus standard network charges)

We will not be selling any tickets at all on site. This is to avoid people turning up and trying unsuccessfully to buy them on the off chance. 


All tickets must be exchanged for a wristband on first entry.  Tickets must be given up by the customer in exchange for a wristband and cannot be retained.

Weekend Tickets/Wristbands – allow access to campsites from 8am Thursday 27th August until midday on Monday 31st August and access to the arena on all show days.  Weekend wristbands allow unlimited re-entry to and from the site for the holder.  There is no re-entry on ticket alone.  Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult in the campsiters and arena.  We do not sell a weekend ticket without camping.

Early Entry Permits – only valid when presented in conjunction with a valid Weekend ticket.  Allows access to campsites from 6pm Wednesday 26th August for people who want to set up camp early.  Early Entry permits usually sell out quickly.  They are not valid for use in conjunction with Guest Tickets or Disabled Access tickets as these campsites do not open until Thursday.

Car Park Passes – can be purchase in advance from limited agents or on the gate for a higher price.  All customers will be sent a sticker to go on their windscreen and will be unable to gain admittance with a car park ticket or booking confirmation page. 

Campervan Passes - can be purchased in advance from limited agents or on the gate for a higher price subject to space.  All customers will be sent a sticker to go on their windscreen and will be unable to gain admittance with a campervan ticket or booking confirmation page.  All vehicle occupants must be Weekend ticket holders to be able to access the campervan area. 

Lockers – can be used to store small valuables and charge mobile phones.  You can book these via See Tickets or directly through Lockerhouse. Closer to the festival you will receive an e-mail booking confirmation from Lockerhouse which you need to print and take to the festival to redeem for your locker.

PLEASE NOTE: the locker sizes are 25cm wide x 15.5cm deep x 10cm high - so they are the right size for small valuables (mobiles, wallets, cameras) and if you wish to use the 12v phone charger, you must bring your own 12v car adaptor.

Day, Resident, Walk-In, Coach and Disabled Access tickets will be available in 2015.


Disabled Access tickets will be available soon.


Children aged 12 and under are free and do not need to purchase a ticket but must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult at all times. If your child is 12 or under but appears older you will need to bring ID for them.

Those aged 13 -15 must purchase a full priced Weekend or Day ticket and can only enter the campsites (weekend ticket holders only) and arena accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

We recommend that each adult is responsible for no more than 2 under 16s.

Those aged 16 or over on the day of arrival at the festival do not need to be accompanied by an adult.

There is no children’s area at this festival and there is no Family Camping either. We suggest that this event is not suitable for young children. Children aged 12 and under will not be issued with a wristband but must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult at all times. We do not offer unaccompanied wristbands or wristbands to write a mobile number on for children at this festival.

Under 18s will not be able to bring, buy or consume alcohol on site. Alcohol found in the possession of minors will be confiscated. The bars will ask for ID for anyone who looks under 25. An optional Over 18 wristband will be available free of charge from inside the site for over 18’s who look under 25 but do not wish to carry proof of age around with them.  These wristbands are only available to Weekend ticket holders from the Over 18s exchange inside the campsite. 

We have a Challenge 21 Policy on site and from October 2013 the following are accepted as ID on site for the bars and cigarettes –

1. A passport
2. An EU photocard driving licence
3. A proof of age card bearing a PASS hologram
4. A Ministry of Defence identity card
5. A National Identity card issued by an EU member state.

If you don’t have any of these, or don’t want to lose valuable documents on site, we suggest that you apply for a PASS approved ID, some of which are free to get.  Go to – www.pass-scheme.org.uk/for-young-people/national-card-suppliers/

Please bring ID if you are lucky enough to look under 21 years old and remember that legally there is no automatic right to be served alcohol. Service is always at the discretion of the licensee for whatever reason he or she decides, and the licensee is under no obligation to explain the reason.

There is no access for parents or guardians to the campsites without a festival ticket – we advise that young people are able to carry their own belongings safely and have practiced setting up their own tent as there is no admittance for non-ticket holders and there may be a distance to walk to available camping spaces once inside.

Fraud Prevention, Ticket scams & Unauthorised agents

Please only buy tickets from authorised ticket agents.

Beware of unauthorised ticket agencies (including EBay, Gumtree & Craigslist, Viagogo, Seatwave and Stubhub). They have not been supplied with tickets by the promoter and therefore there is a possibility you are may end up paying over the odds for a ticket that may not exist or might never materialise. Even the reputable auction sites have been known to let down customers at the last minute. You may get a refund from some but you’ve still missed out on the event. Is that worth it?

Check a website before buying. SafeConcerts.com is an independent website and has no commercial connection with Festival Republic. For a totally independent check on ticket agents please check on the Safe Concert’s Ticket Safe section. It contains a list of independently and impartially researched primary and secondary ticket agents and customer reviews. www.safeconcerts.com.

Research a website before buying. Some scam websites have a very professional look. Some even try to mimic the event’s website to lure you in and many unauthorised and scam sites will pay high premiums to search engines such as Google to appear at the top of searches. Being first up doesn’t always mean they are genuine authorised agents.

Has the website got a valid and working UK phone number you can call and speak to a real person (be wary of any website that you can only contact through a page on their site)?

Does the site display a UK address and VAT registration number (many scam sites will use PO address and virtual offices – Goggle the address displayed and make sure it’s the only company registered there. If you find half a dozen companies registered to the same address be wary)?

Use the WHOIS registry (www.whois.com) to check that the website is registered in and operating from the UK. 

Is the website listed on the authorised agents list?

If the answer to any of the above questions is NO then be wary of using the websites concerned. Once they have your money it’s very difficult to get back so the rule is very much ‘buyer beware’.

If you have been the victim of a ticket scam please report the website to Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk

We have compiled a list of unauthorised agents. We recommend you DO NOT BUY from these sites. We the promoter (Festival Republic) have not supplied any of these sites with any  Festival Tickets and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any tickets they may be  offering for sale.

There are many more and new ones popping up every day don’t take the risk. Please only used Authorised agents listed on the ticket page of this website (click here for authorised)

If you would like confirmation that a website is authorised or not you can call our Information Line on 020 7009 3001.

We are currently looking into companies selling 'touted' tickets and we are doing what we can to stop fraudulent activity.

If you feel a victim of a scam ticket company we suggest you take the following actions:
1.    Report the company to Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk
2.    Call the police; if your money has been taken and no product delivered, this is theft.
3.    Inform you bank or card provider and explain you have been the victim of fraud.  It is possible that your account details have been compromised.  Check your account for unauthorised transactions. If you have used a credit card and the transaction was over £100 you may be covered by the cards insurance.
4.    Contact the websites' Internet Service Providers as they have obligations to ensure they are not publishing or allowing fraudulent and illegal activity.

More tout info from Office of Fair Trading - please read
Scam Ticket site example

Your Wristband

You will exchange your ticket for a wristband at a wristband exchange point on entry to Reading Festival. Have a look at our Reading Festival site map to see where these exchange points are located. You must look after your wristband at all times and be prepared to show security if asked. Any wristbands which have been tampered with or removed will not be replaced and may lead to you being evicted from the festival.  Lost wristbands cannot be replaced.

Here are a few tips on looking after your wristband….

1. Ensure your wristband is secure. The clasp should be firmly in place and not slipping up or down. The wristband must not be loose so check it cannot slip over your wrist.  If you have a problem with your wristband, return immediately to the point of issue.

2. Do not tamper with your wristband in any way. The wristband often has loose ends which many are tempted to cut or burn off. Do not do this. If the ends are tampered with it increases the likelihood of losing your wristband as the ends may fray and/or can slip out of the clasp more easily. Most wristbands have a warning which says “void if removed” – this includes cutting or burning the ends and the promoter has the right to refuse entry if a wristband has been tampered with.

3. All bands are checked each time you enter the arena and at various checkpoints around the site. Knots, plasters, tape etc. on your band will have to be removed to check the band properly and this will cause delays to you and others at the entrance. Some people may be sensitive to the metal on some clasps. If this is the case, do not put tape on the wristband, but protect your skin with hypoallergenic tape instead.

4. Keep your wristband safe. Even if a wristband appears secure, it may still be lost or stolen especially if you get involved in lively crowd activity, “moshing” etc. The best way to keep your wristband safe, and to prevent the loose ends snagging or annoying you, is to wear an elasticated / towelling sweatband over the top or a long sleeved top with elasticated cuffs. This way you will keep it safe but you will still be able to show it at checkpoints easily.

5. What if you have a problem? As soon as you realise you have a problem, lost, damaged band etc. you must get help. If you are outside the arena, go to the nearest wristband exchanges tent where someone will help and advise you. When you get to the wristband exchange look for, and ask for, the Exchange manager or supervisor. If you are inside the Arena, do not leave, go to the Arena entrance and, without leaving the Arena, ask for the supervisor who will be able to help.

6. Wristbands remain the property of Festival Republic until 12 noon Bank Holiday Monday 25 August


  • When will my ticket arrive?

Irrelevant of when you bought your tickets they’ll be with you (2-6) weeks before the festival. Please note ticket dispatch dates will differ between ticket agents, so if your mates get theirs first DON’T PANIC. Some agents offer a tracking service on their websites so check there first. If you have a query about your booking or you still haven’t received your tickets and there are less than 7 days until the festival starts, please contact the agent you booked through. Please note that tickets may require a signature on delivery so please ensure that you are able to receive them or are able to collect from a local office if not.

  • Who do I contact if I’ve ordered tickets and have a query about my booking?

Please contact the ticket agent you purchased your tickets through directly. If you are unsure who this is please check your booking confirmation email or bank statements. A full list of official agents is also provided here:

  • Do I get an actual ticket if I buy from a walk in agent?

If you book from a walk in agent between March & mid-July you will receive a voucher or a receipt which will tell you when you can return to the store to exchange your receipt or voucher for a hard ticket.  Walk in agents will usually have actual tickets available from mid-July although please bear in mind that these may have all been presold to voucher holders so it’s advisable not to wait.

  • I have moved house since buying my ticket, how do I change the delivery address?

This is easy to update - please contact your ticket agent directly to arrange this. However, due to the fact that our tickets are not transferable, you are not able to amend the recipient of tickets going to a new address.

  • I booked tickets but haven’t received a confirmation email, what should I do?

If the payment has been withdrawn from your account please contact the ticket agent you booked with directly

  • Can I buy a ticket when I arrive at the festival?

No. We don’t have a box office at the festival so please don’t turn up and try to buy a ticket as you will not be able to and you will be turned away. Do not buy from ticket touts outside the festival as  if available tickets are likely to be overpriced, invalid and/or fake, meaning you will not gain entry to the festival and you will not get your money back. If you don’t have a ticket in advance, please don’t come to Reading Festival.

  • Do all tickets include camping?

All weekend tickets include camping. You cannot buy a weekend ticket without camping. There is no access to the campsites with day tickets and no other campsites locally due to the urban location of the festival. There are a number of different coloured campsites but you do not need to specify where you want to camp before you arrive at the festival. Popular campsites fill up quickly so if you want to camp in a specific area it may be worth buying an Early Entry permit to arrive on Wednesday.

  • I live overseas and have ordered my tickets - will they be posted, or do I collect them? If so, from where?

Tickets cannot be sent out to addresses outside of the UK including to the Republic of Ireland. Overseas customers will be advised of a pick-up location close to the festival site.  Do not travel to the site without collecting your tickets first. You will need ID and your booking reference to collect your tickets. Information will be provided directly to those concerned by your ticket agent. If you have any questions about this we recommend you contact the agent you booked through directly

  • I want to bring young children – is any type of ticket required?

If your child is aged under 13 (12 and under) no form of ticket is required and your child will not get a wristband so must be accompanied at all times.  If he/she is/looks at the higher end of this age bracket please bring ID for them.

  • How many children of 12 & under can one adult bring?

We do not recommend one ticket holding adult brings more than four children aged 12 and under.

  • Do I get to keep my ticket?

No but you will exchange your ticket for a wristband at a wristband exchange tent on entry to Reading Festival.  Your wristband will be put on you securely by one of our team.  You must look after your wristband at all times and be prepared to show security if asked.  Any wristbands which have been tampered with or removed will not be replaced and will lead to you being evicted from the festival.  Find out more about your wristband here (link).

  • Where can I buy Guest Tickets? How do I get backstage to meet my favourite band?

We don’t sell guest/backstage access – it’s a pretty small and very busy working area. BUT we do run competitions throughout the year and there will often be chance to win guest area access via these. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Twitter and sign up to receive our newsletters for the latest.

  • My mum bought my tickets and won’t be coming to the festival – does this mean they’ll have the wrong name printed on them?

As long as the tickets have been received in the post this is fine. If you’re an overseas customer & your ticket agent has advised you collect your tickets from a designated pick-up point you will need ID for the person that purchased them.  Your ticket agent will be able to provide more information about this – please contact them directly.

  • When can I access the festival?

Campsites – open 6pm Wednesday 20 August for Early Entry Ticket holders only.  For all Weekend ticket holders without early entry permits, the campsites open at 8am on Thursday 21 August.  All campsites close at midday on Monday 25 August.

The arena opens & closes:

Friday – arena entrances open approx 11am – arena entrances close aprox 11.30pm
Saturday - arena entrances open approx 11am – arena entrances close aprox 11.30pm
Sunday - arena entrances open approx 11am – arena entrances close aprox 11.30pm

Please note these times are approximate and subject to Health & Safety checks prior to each opening.

  • How old do I have to be to enter the festival?

You can enter unaccompanied if you are 16 plus. If you are under 16 you need to be accompanied by a ticket holder who is 18 years or over. Under 13’s can enter free but must also be accompanied by a ticket holder who is 18 or over.

  • What ID is valid at the festival?

Forms of ID we accept:

  1. Current Full or Provisional photo card driving licence
  2. Current valid Passport (with photo)
  3. Military Forces photo ID card
  4. Current valid Overseas National Identity Cards
  5. UK ID Cards bearing the PASS Scheme hologram www.pass-scheme.org.uk
  • Can I leave the festival and come back?

Yes if you have a Weekend Wristband you can come and go as you please providing your wristband is intact and hasn’t been tampered with.

On the Sunday we operate a pass out system and there is no re-entry to the festival after 8pm on the Sunday if you didn't get a pass-out stamp on your way out of the festival.

Day ticket holders can access their cars in the day car park if necessary on the day that their wristband is valid for but it is a long way from the festival arena and so day ticket holders should try to take all they need with them.

  • Where can I reserve a locker? Do I need to do it in advance, or can I wait until the festival?

Book your locker now. You may be able to wait and book at the festival, but there are a limited number of lockers and reservations are first come first served so we recommend you move fast.  Locker customers will receive confirmation and further instructions directly from Lockerhouse closer to the festival.

  • What happens if I lose my ticket or it gets stolen?

We do not offer duplicates or replacements for lost or stolen tickets under any circumstances.   We do not accept printed confirmation e-mails as proof of purchase.  Tickets must only be submitted to staff once inside a wristband exchange tent.

  • I’ve bought a ticket for Reading but now I want to go to Leeds (or vice versa).  What can I do?

If there is ticket availability for the other festival site, it may be possible to change them over by contacting the agent you booked through in advance of the festival. If you turn up on site with a ticket for the wrong location (it does happen) you will not be able to gain admittance if the event is sold out so please check your booking confirmation and then your tickets carefully to ensure they are valid for the correct location. Exchanges cannot be made for booking errors if the festival is sold out.

  • I can’t go to the festival any more – can I get a refund or do you take returns?

Tickets are non-transferable or valid for resale. We do not take returns and cannot change a ticket if a customer has booked incorrectly. No refunds other than on cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception determined by the promoter. 

In the case of cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception refunds should be obtained from the point of purchase no later than three months from the last day of the event. A minimum of the face value of the ticket will be refunded. Refunds of booking fees per ticket are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the point of sale.

  • What if my two favourite bands are on at the same time or my favourite artist cancels?  Can I get a refund then?

Tickets are for the festival as a whole and not dependent on any one act or artist so refunds are not available for a non-appearance. Similarly we have no control over the set lists or performance content so are unable to refund if you are disappointed with the show content. We do not have the line-up times in advance. Programmes & line ups will be available to purchase on site and displayed in the information tents daily. Any changes to the running order are passed on to the Information Tents and should also be posted on the large information boards situated throughout the site.

  • Will the festival go ahead whatever the weather?

Providing it is safe and viable, the event will go ahead regardless of rain, wind etc. As the event is outdoors, please dress & prepare adequately for the prevailing weather conditions. Bring sunscreen and wellies.  No refunds or ticket exchanges are available in the case of inclement weather

  • Do you offer group bookings?

To prevent touting and the resale of tickets we’re unable to offer group bookings. Each customer can book a maximum of 4 tickets per person online or on the phone or 2 per person at walk in outlets. If you want to attend in a large group we suggest that you all book at the same time to avoid disappointment.

  • What is your eviction policy?

As well as for inappropriate/anti social behaviour, anyone seen on site without a valid wristband will be ejected. There are two ejection tents on site and a formal ejection policy for festival goers that are seen displaying, or inciting, inappropriate, offensive or illegal activity. If you are ejected you will not be permitted back to your tent to collect your belongings.  Instead, you will be offered a phone call to a friend on site who will have to pack your stuff down and take it home for you. Those evicted will not be readmitted to the event and tickets will not be refunded.

  • I can’t find the answer to my question – where can I get more information?

If the answer to your question is not here please send it via e-mail to [email protected]

Reading Festival Terms & Conditions

Make sure have a read of our full Terms & Conditions before coming to the festival. By buying a ticket and attending the festival, you agree to the below. 

2014 Terms & Conditions

2014 Conditions Of Sale 

2014 Campervan Terms & Conditions