Reading Festival 2005

"The Reading show we played in 2005 is my historic moment for the band. That's when I really realised we'd done something with the record." - Gordon Moakes of Bloc Party on the bands 2005 performance

"We got to see Arcade Fire a couple of years ago from the side of the stage and it was a really religious experience watching them. I've never seen a band get the crowd going so much. Everyone was singing and having a great time, so I'm definitely looking forward to doing that again." - Ben Johnston of Biffy Clyro on their favourite performance at Reading
"Probably the last time that Babyshambles played actually. Pete kindly decided to donate the drum kit to the audience. I think we ended up being banned so I don't quite know why we're playing again but it's nice to be let back. Obivously, it made playing Leeds the next day a bit difficult. We were fine though - we made instruments out of old boxes and rubber bands and things. No, we borrowed some stuff from other bands who reluctantly got usout of that situation" - Adam Ficek of Babyshambles on their Reading festival memories